#2 violin

This young girl shows us how we can do whatever we want if we have the drive to do so. Although she has never seen or heard the violin she plays, somehow she plays it very well.


#3 ghost

Ghost in medieval literature affect the plot in different ways. I think back in medieval times more people believe in ghosts and were affected by their supposed presence. They took the idea of ghosts more seriously and put them into the literature.

#5 Charles dickens

Charles dickens is said to be the most influential Victorian period writer. His fictional characters such as the scrooge are still greatly common among modern day language and knowledge. His life shows that with hard work and determination you can achieve greatness and be remembered for your hard work.


1) In London in 1599.

2) It was built by Shakespeare’s play company.

3) The wealthier patrons sat on the higher levels to watch the play.

4) The groundlings were the poor working class and they gathered around the stage on the ground.

5a) The original Globe Theater burned down in 1613.

 b) the new Globe was made by 1614.

6a) The Great Theater.

 b) The Curtain and the Rose, also the Blackfriars theater.

Assignment #7

This video shows the human civilization effects even creatures that are secluded and not usually around human activity. These birds have changed even their mating noises because of what the things humans do, and i think that the humans kinda helped them out with giving them better sounds to attrack “fitter” young birds.